What you get when you join the Living Gracefully Club

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Each Sunday

As a member, each Sunday you will receive a newly written insight; sometimes short and very practical, other times longer and more thought provoking. But all with the same intention, to use everyday life as our inspiration for deepening our self-awareness and our connection to our own inner guidance. And once a month, this will be accompanied by a newly created audio meditation to download and keep.

Each Thursday

Each Thursday, after you’ve had a chance to work with the insight from your own perspective, if you wish you will be able to login to the Members’ area on the website to leave comments, share experiences, and maybe make suggestions for future weekly themes.

And whatever day of the week you join, you will straightaway be able to listen to a special ‘Return to centre’ meditation, and to read suggestions to help you prepare for the weekly insights that you will be receiving.

The power of collective focus

The power of the Living Gracefully Club is that we will all be focusing our attention at the same time, wherever we are in the world. Tapping in to the power of being part of something bigger than ourselves, we can be inspired to stay connected to our knowing that we are here as part of a larger and higher purpose.

Please note

Once a subscription payment has been made and you have been able to access the insights and meditations, the payment is non-refundable. However, you can cancel your membership at any time, and keep copies of all the materials you have accessed whilst being a member.


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